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Pediatric Dental Injuries in Naples, FL

One of the best and simplest ways to prevent dental injuries is to wear a custom-fitting mouth guard during sports activities; however, in an emergency please call (239) 592-0800.

If your child has fallen from a bike, was hit by a baseball, or in some other way knocked out a permanent tooth, don’t panic. If the tooth was not damaged, with proper care and follow-up, there is a chance the tooth can be saved!

Immediately After Dental Injury

  • The most important thing is to remain calm and find the tooth.
  • Don’t rinse, scrub or wash it at all! Hold it by the crown – not the root – because you shouldn’t disturb the living cells that are still on the root. These cells could help it survive. Try and reinsert it into the socket.
  • Many people may be uncomfortable re-implanting the tooth on their own. If this is the case, be sure to transport the tooth to the doctor or dentist in saline, milk, or saliva.
  • You may also place the tooth between the cheek and gum line of either the person who lost the tooth or any willing adult. The mouth is the best place for the tooth because it protects the root by keeping it moist and providing protection against bacteria.
  • Do not transport the tooth dry. This will cause damage within minutes. Transporting the tooth in water is also not recommended.
  • In children or uncooperative adults, the tooth ideally should be placed in a “tooth saver” solution, available at the pharmacy. Effective substitutes include saline, milk, or saliva. An uncooperative adult or child may swallow the tooth. Or, worst of all, the person may inhale and choke on the tooth!

For loosened, pushed in, or broken teeth, avoid eating or drinking anything. If the tooth is broken in pieces, retrieve any remaining parts and transport them in one of the suggested solutions to your dentist.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Visits

In an emergency, it is important to first take the steps outlines above.  Once the tooth is safely preserved, call Naples Pediatric Dentistry at (239) 592-0800.  Dr. Sandor and her team can arrange for an emergency visit and ensure that your child receives optimal care.