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Pediatric Dental Services

Important Baby Teeth Care in Naples, FL

Despite the fact that baby teeth are eventually replaced by permanent adult teeth, it is important that they remain healthy and in place until they are lost naturally because they serve several critical functions, including:

  • Fostering good nutrition by allowing proper chewing
  • Aiding speech development
  • Helping permanent teeth by saving space for them
  • Self-esteem – a healthy smile helps children feel good about how they look to others

To achieve the best possible oral health, the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that dental visits begin at the appearance of a child’s first tooth as an effective way to begin a lifelong program to prevent dental disease. The initial pediatric dental visit allows the pediatric dentist to check for proper oral and facial development, determine if a child’s teeth are growing in properly, and identify any early instances of tooth decay. It also gives the pediatric dentist the ability to carefully instruct parents in a comprehensive program of home dental care for their child.